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My art in abstraction


simply want to give something to think about the appearance of our society, about the spirit of transparency flouted every day, about a simulacrum of happiness feed people who are just lobotomized by screens of all kinds!

Reflection on who we are and what we do has never been so powerful and art pushes you to think, entrenching you in what society is hiding from you, in what you don't want to see!

My art,

to paint in holes surprises you, because you don't understand!

Well, I don't understand this society of appearance either, I don't understand why I should do something that looks like an art industry, for the pleasure of being a sheep!

The art I produce is my way of saying, let's stop covering our faces, let's find that veil that is put before our eyes every day.


To make us shimmer with a shabby happiness.

Glitter in your eyes gives you, and you always want more! Don't you understand that these glitter hurts you, and distracts you from what life really is!

l'art troué

What do you really need to live on is what you have to ask yourself! And not what does society want me to be a good sheep among the most beautiful flocks!

My paintings are representative of your thought that we try to hide at all times by a daily surplus of information.

So that you will be drowned in an ocean of things that are useless to your real life.

The one who needs only a few things to be happy.

And if my painting makes you think a little bit and you gild the concept or if you hate it, it's because reflection is no longer one of your priorities, but the goal is to make you react!

Le bonheur, c'est quoi aujourd'hui,

Continue your journey of transhumance from one screen to another from a sales season to a black Friday and above all do not try to hole your daily life with contemporary art to seek your true happiness! the one that will make your spiritual consciousness evolve to love or hate, but react!

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