She changed her official first name from "Nathacha" to "Nathacha"!

      She fell into painting, as a child, with a first prize in elementary school and parents with an artistic side, in music and photography, very quickly she draws for her pleasure, and around adolescence when she begins to be asked to donate her drawings in her entourage and sometimes to strangers; she thinks it would be cool to make a profession of it!
She started making oil and watercolours.
       First in the figurative field, portrait of friends and landscape of where she lives.


To get out of this figurative art side, her brother challenges her to "know how to make so-called abstract art", and she realizes as an adult that her passion is more for the abstract that she discovers with Zao Wou-Ki. Pollock, Kandinsky.


But her favorite for her artistic thinking is Niki de Saint Phalle.

She completes her life's bulimia, in different professional fields, from printing, to the education of children in difficulty, through the sale of insurance, and the kitchen catering but it is her passion that she continues to exercise regularly,


exhibiting throughout Europe and internationally as well as in Japan and the USA.


She became a mother of 4 children which will allow her to enrich her artistic work.

She started exhibitions in 1996, the year her daughter was born, her first workshop opened, she was entitled to an interview with her daughter in the regional article "Latest news from Alsace", and as a result she continued to exhibit;


the prizes too: gold medal in Italy, Germany, and France, of course, to succeed in her rise as a recognized artist, she managed to be in the Akoun quotation guide in 2007, the Drouot dictionary and finally Artprice.

Today she continues and has decided to live entirely from her passion for creation!



First prize in oil painting 2004 - Thionville - 3rd prize in oil painting 2004 - Losheim-am-see - Germany 2005 - Silver medal nominated vermeil - World Centre for Peace - Episcopal Palace - VERDUN - Organized by ART -INTERS 2006 - Silver medal nominated bronze - Biennale of Lyon - LYON - 2006 - Gold medal at the International Academy of Modern Art in Rome - Italy - June 2006 - First prize in oil painting 2004 - Thionville - 3rd prize in oil painting 2004 - 3rd prize in oil painting 2004 - Losheim-am-see - Germany 2005 - Gold medal at the International Academy of Modern Art in Rome - June 2006 - Italy - First prize for oil paintings 2004 - First prize

"Racines "1 and 2 in Heraklion in Crete -2005 - 2006 - Basilica of St Marc - Plexiglas sculpture, and "contemporary landscape" with installation-2006, critique of MARIE DE PARIS



2003 "La Cimaise" Gallery - MULHOUSE
2003 "Les Arts et la Matière" Gallery DIJON
2005 salle sainte barbe - Selestat - 2006/2010 Galerie d' Esch - Luxembourg - Luxembourg

2000/ to 2018 workshop opened every 2 years in Baldenheim with other artists involved.

2010/2014 Zhengzhou, and Whenzou China

2018 "the court of the chains" institution of MULHOUSE


International Exposition -


2007:" Le Salon d'Automne " - Espace Auteuil - PARIS - Tokyo university- Japan

2009 china zengzhou university

2015: Urban art fair, London - "Konscht am gronn" - Luxembourg City

2016: "Oxford art fair" England, Strasbourg "place des arts"

2017: Junglinster Luxembourg - place des arts - strasbourg

2018: Normandy linen festival in the Dun region- SAC Salon artistique charleroi- belgium



2002: Thuillier Gallery - PARIS

2003: Gallery Art present - PARIS - Gallery Aktuaryus - Strasbourg - France

2004: Galeria Alba - Ferrara - ITALY -

2005: Art and Miss Gallery - PARIS Inside Gallery - Castelnau-le-lez

2006: World Fine Art Gallery - New York - Galerie db product - Lyon - Galerie Leitner - Paris- 2006 - Galerie Impulsion's - Cugnaux (suburb Toulouse) - Galerie reg'art des toiles - Nice Galerie Hart'monie - Plérin (Bretagne)

2007: Gallery - Atlanta - USA

2008: Gallery Espace Art Gallery - Brussels (Belgium)

2010: Raum Gallery (travelling gallery) - Emmendingen (Germany)-

2011/2015 : "La petite galerie" gallery - with Japanese association JCAA - PARIS

2018 OLDOR Gallery -strasbourg

2018: Leading Art Gallery - FORBACH -

 private collection: New York, the French version of the games - Paris, Atlanta, Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Switzerland, Japan kyoto....