Happy new year with much love'art!

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Nat Hacha Art 

"To pierce the superficial to reach the spirit of Art" Nat Hacha

You would like an interior that looks like you!


And that's where I come in because I've helped many people!

To make the dream of feeling good at home come true!


You're going to tell me, I'm not a decorator!


That is absolutely right!

But I have what is called an innate sense, as far as feeling at home thanks to works of art!


Create harmony! That's what I do for a living!


So I'm not suggesting that you come and give you a quote on what's good for furniture, what needs to be changed!


I simply suggest that you send me pictures of your home and a short description of your life with your hobbies,

so that I can in all conscience advise you and especially send you pictures of what can be put in your home sweet home

and so you have an overview of what could best suit you and those who accompany you.


This approach is completely free of charge


because for me it is important to be able to help my community to feel in a suitable environment for itself


because I think that by doing this approach, everyone will actually feel better on this magnificent planet that is ours.


Because feeling good makes you feel good so that you can protect your family and especially this planet you live on every day!

art nathacha expo 2019 cb

"Composite painting" is a mysterious thing, it takes us to explore the borders of an unknown continent, breaking all ties with reality, walking the informed eye of the person who sees it, through a dream. A web of colourful energy and in my work you have the opportunity to do it in depth.


This depth, which is not fictional but real on a minimum of 10 cm in each canvas, which allows a different approach to my contemporary art.



My point is that the abstract art I am sharing with you is only a part of me, a part of you, the most pragmatic will probably simply call it abstract art, but the truth is that it cannot be put into a simple category.



I have also won several prizes that will testify to this, including the


Gold medal  for the Modern and Contemporary Figurative Art Prize in Rome, Italy in 2006.

First prize in Figurative Oil Painting 2004 - Thionville - France 

3rd prize in Oil Painting 2004 - Losheim-am-see - Germany 2005 -


Silver medal Inters Art Inters nominated vermeil - World Centre for Peace - Episcopal Palace - VERDUN - Organized by ART -INTERS 2006


- Silver medal bronze nominated - Lyon Biennale - LYON


This places my art in the figurative art category, which is nevertheless the perfect opposition to abstract art.



But also the Akoun rating since 2004 and also Drouot,


whereas I do not think I have any great artistic relations with the impressionist art of the 1870s, having been born in the 1960s it would be more appropriate to call myself a contemporary artist, but does my art really fall into a category?



My artistic research has led me to recognize that a canvas painting is not enough to express the abstract art that my works reflect.



It is by multiplying the techniques that I was able to understand that everything has a symbolic character of its own, whether for me or for you, for the animal world or the human world

Abstract art

For those who have been challenged by my recent works, or who have met me in an exhibition, a few questions probably itch you;


Why did she dare to expose a perforated canvas, why are some surfaces of these canvases opened with a visual explosion in different ways and shades of color?


Why do the materials she uses seem to be increasingly cheap, and yet one can still denote the use of oil paints, and some traces of gold leaf, on a handmade canvas frame?


Why do his paintings take on more and more irregular forms, showing a certain impetuousness?


And you probably had to tell yourself, she's an artist, she's an abstract art, she expresses herself, she's beautiful, and then deep down, do I really have the right to question it?


Well, yes, it is! You can do it! Indeed, at the moment life is hard for most of us, and it is really the case for many of us, I mean that I have more and more difficulty in getting my art to your sight, and therefore my difficulties have made me think about another way of creating, the one that corresponds most to the bohemian and travelling artist that I am, using the materials that he has at hand, natural and recycled. and for other explanations come see me,

because a painting is especially made for the crush not necessarily to understand everything that the artist wanted to express,



because it will end up hanging on the walls at home!

The abstract art present in my works results only from a conscientious observation of what life offers me, what life offers us every day.


Beautiful materials only have a beautiful name that we want to give them, art is above beauty, it is above format, it is imbued with the very essence of the great whole, and that is what makes it so powerful, since it connects the visible world and the invisible world, the subjective of life.


This is exactly what my research is about, should art only be related to the image it is given?


Is one category enough to lock up an entire movement?

Is the material more important than the artistic work itself? 

Is the color powerful enough to challenge us?

Is it the known, or the unknown that we must try to demonstrate?


How can we make a connection, create an artistic bridge between reality and the imaginative sphere that is unique to everyone?



But above all, does all this really deserve our attention?

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For my part, it is important to share it, and to testify to my research, because I see it in your eyes, everyone is touched by art, but it is impossible to explain why.

The answer is constantly evolving over time, perhaps it is the computer that will find it first, but it attracts attention nevertheless, mainly in abstract art!


Perhaps it is only an endless cycle, a symptom of our psychosis, a response to the stendhal syndrome that one day, in a work, took us much further, pushing us to explore the nooks and crannies of what the human mind is incapable of consciously expressing, through an avalanche of shapes and colours with diverse origins.


Or is it simply the work of a supernatural world, of a divine origin, which would try to help us through our unconscious, thus allowing the abstraction of our daily problems that hinders our spiritual evolution.


That is why I decided to start exploring with great openness the art of feng shui, which according to some beliefs would be able to connect us to the cosmic, to the great energies, by soothing our great self.

 The art Feng Shui

Definition " Feng Shui or the art of well-being at home. 

Feng-Shui is a discipline whose purpose is to arrange the space in such a way as to optimize the circulation of Cosmic Energy in order to improve the quality of life. »


Companies have been using this art for several years to make the company a place that generates profit, is therefore happy people, because if people have basic needs met, entrepreneurs need to make profits to pay their workers properly.


And so they applied this art that comes from Asia and that has benefited them, so if it is beneficial for them it is for anyone.


So don't be afraid to buy art, and go to your favorite artist, buy your work that has "caught your eye", and enjoy the happiness that will result!

L'art therapy

Art therapy is the inspiration to make art with people who need to express themselves in ways other than words and in a certain way help them in their illness to get by without medication.


I am part of a collective called "EN VIE de Couleurs" led by Dr. Frédéric HUGEL and accompanied by about fifty other artists of the photographer, painter or visual artist.



We work in volunteering and sharing Art for All. The mayor of Strasbourg opened his doors to us to thank us for sharing with our elders in the EHPADs and Hospitals throughout Alsace.


We artists like that our Art is also used to help people see the world at its best.

If Art can help so many people, why refuse it?


I hope that my work as an artist can be used to help our communities in the future as well as in the present. That everyone can have the desire to make art on their own and that my work be inspiring.